ESCAPE – Radim Hanousek (2021)


During my study stay in Portugal, I recorded dozens of hours of field recordings in Lisbon, Peniche, and Sintra, and prepared a simple graphic score inspired by the phases of the waves of the sea in relation to wind speed. During the covid isolation time, I asked six Czech and five Portuguese musicians to interpret this score. They contributed their personalities and creativity without any idea of the whole.

Full album ESCAPE (MaRecords 2021)

Create your own ESCAPE I mix and try different sound combinations of instruments using solo, mute, dynamics. There are an infinite number of ways to listen to this song.

Helena Espvall – violoncello
Maria do Mar – violin
Anežka Nováková - marimba
Žaneta Vítová – accordion
Jana Vondrů – vocal, harmonium
Hernâni Faustino – double bass
Peter Korman – double bass
Matej Olah – guitar
Martin Opršál – marimba, marimbula, kalimba, Tibetan bowls, timpani, cymbals
Guilherme Rodrigues – violoncello
Alvaro Rosso – double bass

Project realization - home studio Radim Hanousek (12/2020 - 03/2021), field recordings from Lisabon, Peniche and Sintra (11/2020)

mix and master - Tomáš Vtípil (4/2021)

aquarelle - Veronika Vlková

web - Jakub Škrha

the project was created with the financial support of the Statutory City of Brno