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oo Dust in the Groove
oo Didrik Ingvaldsen Orchestra

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Didrik Ingvaldsen Orchestra
leader, trumpet - Didrik Ingvaldsen
saxophones, clarinets - Marcel Bárta, Michal Wróblewski, Radim Hanousek
piano - Jaroslav Šťastný
double bass - Marian Friedl
drums - Dag Magnus Narvesen
drums - Tomáš Hobzek

The leader of this Norwegian-Czech formation is a trumpet player and a composer Didrik Ingvaldsen who at the same time performs at significant jazz experimental scenes in Norway, Berlin and New York.
Along with a Norwegian drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen (at the moment mostly working on his projects in Berlin and on top of his own projects he collaborates with a star of the jazz avant-garde scene Alexander Von Schlippenbach), Radim Hanousek and Marian Friedl (apart from mutual jazz activities Hanousek and Friedl have contemporary music projects - Dust in the Groove, Dunami Ensemble - and Friedl his own Moravian folklore - Jitka Šuraňská, Ruky na dudy) - they have been performing as the quartet NOCZ for already 5 years. NOCZ's last album was recorded along with a world's respected performer Iva Bittová (NOCZ & Iva Bittová, Hevhetia 2014). The album got positive critiques all over Europe. Last summer this formation went on a successful European tour with this project.
Didrik Ingvaldsen Orchersta is a extended formation by other experienced free, open, experimental jazz players.
The pianist Jaroslav Šťastný belongs to unconventional and world's respected composers, his visual art and literary activities are also extensive. As an improviser he is a member of a Prague Improvising Orchestra, Divergent Connections Orchestra and a freejazz formation Next Phase.
Marcel Bárta is very active and versatile saxophone player. He has been a part of the most interesting events in jazz for the past several years (Vertigo Quintet, Muff, DoMa Ensemble, Face of The Bass, NUO, Bucinatores Orchestra, Pigeon Saxophone Quartet and other).
Michal Wróblewski has been studying at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo for the past two years and has been a part of the local avant-garde jazz scene there (KIAP, Streams of Eyebeams). On top of that he leads his own projects E Converso and SWOMP.
Apart from his own quartet Tomáš Hobzek (Marcel Bárta is its member too) is also a member of a band called Points. Furthermore, he collaborates on many other projects with David Dorůžka, Ondřej Pivec and Libor Šmoldas.
Didrik Ingvaldsen Orchestra offers contemporary energetic jazz with pronounced turning points, a combination of sophisticated arrangements and passages with open spaces, distinctive melodies, playful rhythms and also mutual improvisation.

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oo Mokré ruce

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The project Mokré ruce / Wet Hands originated in 2011 connects the two elements of dance and music by merging the talents of four artists: dancer and choreographer Veronika Kolečkářová whose focus lies on contemporary dance, saxophonist Radim Hanousek and percussionist Martin Kleibl who are at home in the world of jazz and contemporary improvised music, and “water musician” Florian Tilzer, who floats between both these elements.
The fundamental musical concept is one of a variety of alterations of the sounds of water - water dripping, water splashing, water being poured, and water being stirred; coupled with the dynamic sounds of percussion and saxophone. These sound waves are connected by dance.
Veronika Kolečkářová is a dance teacher and educator, dancer, and choreographer who founded contemporary dance groups such as Filigran and Male f /Small f/. She is a co-founder and an organizer of the Brno festival of contemporary dance and of the movement Theatre Natrikrat.
Brno-based Austrian musician and performer Florian Tilzer was a long-time member of the Filigran dance group. His focus is on West African divination and ritual activities.
Saxophonist Radim Hanousek studies PhD at the Jazz Department at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. He is a member of several ensembles focusing on jazz, improvised and contemporary classical music such as the quartet of Norwegian trumpetist Didrik Ingvaldsen, Dust in the Groove and Dunami Ensemble.

     oo Terra Musica - ČT art 29.03.2016
     oo New York Moving Sound Festival

oo Opršál - Hanousek

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A marimba player Martin Opršál and a saxophonist Radim Hanousek have been collaborating on the project Dust in the Groove for almost three years. It blends contemporary music, jazz and free improvisation with complete freedom, naturalness and space for a dialogue to create an interesting and original complex. As a duo they focus on connecting the sounds of marimba and saxophone or bass clarinet, searching for new sound possibilities, alternative layers.

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